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I was watching Modern Family last week, and the situation over what the new son had me wondering; what do you do if someone insists on calling your by your first name even though it isn't the name you go by?

You gently and calmly correct them. 

'Yes, my first name is Hortense but Ann is the name I prefer'. 

Repeat as often as necessary.

Now that I've started letting people know when I meet them, rather than weeks/months later 'Oh by the way, I go by "blah", I haven't had too many people (other than parents) use the 'wrong' name.

I do have to remind myself at the Doctors office, to listen for 'Legal Name' because I just don't 'hear' it the same way I hear 'My Name'.  Joking about this at a recent visit, they asked what I go by, and made a note, I'll have to see if next time they call that. I guess I really haven't had to deal with this, people I know are polite enough to use 'My Name', rather than insisting on one I don't go by.  I'd be irritated if someone insisted on the wrong name (after multiple times of being told I go by "my Name"), and probably respond in various passive aggressive (ignoring when they talk to wrong name) or mildly aggressive (call them an incorrect name, bonus if they don't like it) ways.  Not ehell approved, but I dont think I'd be able to let them 'win' by ignoring.

My name has caused issues all my life, haha. My first name is hyphenated (think like "Mary-Lou") but I go by the second name (ex.."Lou"). All my legal forms are under Mary-Lou, but I usually get called Mary by people who don't know me.  Often when I correct people I get little comments like "oh, weird... why not Mary?". It's not my doing, believe me. The Lou nick name stuck long before I had any say in the matter. Now I just listen for Mary-Lou or any variation of the names.

I was watching the same MF episode, and at the end I had to laugh and think oh that poor kid... haha.


--- Quote from: Aryanna on January 25, 2013, 12:28:09 PM ---I was watching the same MF episode, and at the end I had to laugh and think oh that poor kid... haha.

--- End quote ---

That was what I was thinking about in particular, what if the person who insists on calling you the name is someone you generally respect, like a grandparent, or can't argue with directly, like your superior or teacher?


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