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Having a get-together for a woman who just had triplets

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She is a former coworker, and myself and three coworkers want to go and visit her to see how she's doing. I'm not really sure..what to do  :-\ I'm bad at this socializing thing but she said she wanted us to visit so I really want to do this right. Should we bring food, baby supplies? We weren't really friends, she went on maternity leave after I only knew her for a few months, we just spoke a few times mostly about work, I'd love it if you all could bring up some topics..or topics to avoid.

Thank you to anyone who answers, sorry this is such a vague string of questions.

Outdoor Girl:
No experience with friends having triplets but I have visited friends shortly after they got home with the baby.

A group of us made plans with them a few days ahead; we called them about an hour before we were supposed to be there to make sure they were having a decent day and it wouldn't be disruptive.  Then we all went with the expectation that we would only stay a few minutes, coo over the baby and leave them in peace.

It didn't work out that way.  Mom was feeling great; we all held the baby in turns for quite a while and Mom fetched us all something to drink!  So almost two hours later, we were on our way.

Don't worry about bringing up things to talk about; at that stage, cooing over the babies will likely cover it.  Be prepared for some TMI from Mom, though.

If you are going at a meal time, some takeout food for you all to share would be nice.  If you are inclined to bring a gift for the babies, great, but it isn't strictly necessary.  Some books or some onesies in a size larger than they are currently wearing would be fine.

I think the rule for visiting new moms is, 1- Bring food, 2- Do a chore, and 3- Don't stay more than an hour.

I'm not sure if that would be tripled in this case, though. :)

I'd maybe call ahead and see if you can bring her anything.. she likely already has casseroles through the roof but something fresh and yummy might be appreciated.

As for topics, I'd let her lead.. likely she'll want to catch up on what's going on at work, and coo over the babies.  Definitely don't bring up sad baby stories or give unsolicited advice about how you/your mom/your sister handled some aspect of parenting differently.

Have fun!

I second the bringing food. depending on what time of day you go, maybe pick up lunch and bring it. I know I did that with a CW who had a baby; and myself and a second CW went one day at lunch to see them. We stopped in the caf, picked up sandwiches, and had a nice time.

You can almost never go wrong with food. But every person is different. I craved company so much when I had a new baby that I didn't really care what we did. I did like it when people offered to hold the baby. Some people are the opposite; they want to hold their own baby and just visit. But food? Food is almost universal. Bonus points if it's freezable.


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