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Author Topic: Invite Grandma or not? Update pg 6  (Read 39325 times)

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Re: Invite Grandma or not? Update pg 6
« Reply #90 on: April 10, 2013, 07:51:51 PM »
That's really wonderful!!  Glad it turned out so well.  Sounds like Grandma's presence provided some warm memories.

Now ... what was that about other "tempests"?  I believe that requires examples!   ;D


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Re: Invite Grandma or not? Update pg 6
« Reply #91 on: April 11, 2013, 11:26:18 AM »
Perhaps I should have said "Faux pas tempests" instead.  We had a few doozies, but they weren't exactly etiquette nightmares.

B/G  This party was held in Bride's Hometown.  DH and I live about 750 miles away.  DH and I paid for half of the party but really had no say in decorations, food choices, venue or anything else.  I was a bit bothered by this and we did feel like guests at a party we were hosting (or at least paying for).  MOB had a "vision" for her daughter and was not to be swayed on it.  DH and I decided to "go with the flow" and just show up and smile.  MOB is a lovely person and to be honest I didn't care "enough" to make a fuss about anything. 

1.  During supper my DH tells me that his father just told him that the lady bartender (at the venue) has two kids with Uncle Gordon and no one in the family knows.  The kids are in their 40's and were a product of a late teenage liaison.  Thank Deity I wasn't eating at the time or I would have choked.  I have been married to DH for 20 years and FIL picks our son's reception to drop this bombshell?  DH and I kept our mouths shut so no one else heard about it that night.

2. The immediate family was asked to be at the venue at 4:45 for pictures and to meet each other.  This only included the parents, siblings (and spouses) and grandparents of DS and DIL.  When DH and I arrived, there were over 70 people there from DIL's side.  DH and I met MOB but FOB was no where to be found.  Pictures were taken, but no pics of both sets of parents with the B&G because we couldn't find FOB (he was hanging out with his family in another room).  All the extra people there made it difficult to corral people for photos, that's why we went early to avoid this.

3.  We had 3 special dances; Bride & Groom, Bride and FOB and Groom and MOG.  The songs were short so they lasted about 10 minutes total.  There were about 20 children there under the age of 12.  The kids were all over the dance floor running, shrieking, falling and crying.  I didn't expect silence or all eyes on the dancers, but just a little respect for the 10 minutes of dances would have been nice.  Since none of the kids belonged to our side of the family I didn't say anything.

4.  The group of older men in the corner judging the attractiveness of the Brides sorority sisters, loudly.  Yeah that was nice.

5.  My mother's drama.  Mother got it in her head that she wasn't getting enough attention as GMOG so she forced my father, sister, nephew and nephew's fiance to leave at 8:30.  Mother is a narcisist and a female dog, so they do as she says.  I was disappointed for a bit as I thought that just once she would do the decent thing-but I got over it quickly.  This is one of many reasons that we live 1000 miles from my parents.

6.  The screaming, running, completely out of control children.  During the dinner, speeches (two) and dances the kids just went nuts.  No one was correcting their behavior in any way.  These were kids from the bride's side of the family so I could not do a thing about it.  They were running into people (one girl almost knocked my Dad down, he's 70 but very healthy so she hit him hard), throwing stuff and just causing general havoc. 

7.  The DJ who would not play the music on the playlist.  One of the Bride's sorority sisters is into Techno, the DJ was interested in the Sister, so we listened to a lot of Techno.  The playlist had Country and Classic Rock but we had Techno.  Ugh.  I did get up there and gave him a few songs to play which he did and the dance floor was full.