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Advice from parents/grandparents, please.

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Socks. Little kids love to pull them off and lose them. Bouncy seats are helpful. My son slept in one for months as the angle helped with reflux.

Diapers are always helpful.  Kids go through crazy amounts of diapers.  My local soup kitchen likes people to send paper goods: TP, paper towels, etc.

Bottles, tests & sterelizers are always useful as are feeding bowls tippy cups, not too expensive but very handy for parents. Personally when we were in our small flat I loved our door bouncer, It was great for being able to hang off the door where Froglet could see me while I got on without taking up too much space. Carriers and slings are also good, especially if you rely on public transport where prams aren't always practical.


--- Quote from: Arrynne on January 26, 2013, 01:33:14 AM ---Socks. Little kids love to pull them off and lose them.

--- End quote ---

Same goes with hats and mittens, our house sometimes seems like the black hole where socks, hats and mittens/gloves disappear.

I'd say the two most useful, inexpensive things that people might want a lot of are pocket bibs or bibs with sleeves and crib sheets and crib mattress pads.

Board books.  Wood puzzles (the kind that only have about 5 pieces).


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