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I'm sorry, but I can't be in the same room as X

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There is a friend in my group - well, I guess friend isn't the right term - who once threatened to kill us all if something didn't go her way.  Just a hot headed moment, right?  Well she and her DH love assault weapons, and the threat contained a direct shooting reference.  (Yes, it was reported as much as it could have been when it happened.)

Everyone thinks it's no big deal, but I will not occupy the same room she does.  If I show up and she's there, I bail.  I don't discuss it or her with anyone, because I know they'll think it's an over-reaction, but I really think she'll be violent one day.  I don't plan to be there when it happens.

There's never been a need to talk to anyone about it, but as said before, it's never at formal gatherings where escaping would be difficult.  I think I'd probably play my hand the same way if it were.  I don't feel like I can be flexible about it, but no one else needs to know that.


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