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Removing the "heat"

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Scared, now . . .  ;D

I just showed DD#2 all of your responses (we don't have any more rice, haven't been to the store) She got a gleam in her eye and said "I know what I'm going to do!" Then she ran off to the kitchen.

I think it has something to do with the cream cheese and a rinsing . . .

I'll let you know what she did!

WOW! That was fast and turned out delicious with a less spicy rice! ;D

I stayed out of the kitchen, so what DD#2 told me that she did was:

Put a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese in a fry-pan. Let it melt for a bit then she added the rice. Stirred the rice with the cream cheese, added some lime and sugar, let it cook for a bit, then mixed in the (prepared) beef.

She served the mixture on tortillas lightly spreaded with cream cheese.

I asked her why she used cream cheese instead of sour cream. She said (duh, Mom! ;D) Cream cheese is thicker than sour cream. It's like butter and holds up better when cooking.

Can I just say that I'm so proud of DD#2?

She used several of your suggestions (sugar, cream cheese, lime, and mixing the beef with the rice (instead of adding more rice) to spread the heat) to make a wonderful meal . . . and there are leftovers for her to bring to school this week.



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