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Good news! Now you can register for a new car!

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Not planning to go on a honeymoon but still wanting to ask for cash? Now you can register for a car. Like honeymoon registries, its basically just a convoluted way to give cash - the recipients don't have to use the money on a car. And the service takes nearly 10% of any money raised in fees.

The best part is you can register for specific parts. Nothing says, "Congrats on you upcoming celebratory event!" like a parking brake.

All kidding aside, I'm curious how people feel about this compared to a honeymoon registry. Same thing? Or is it different because it does provide a physical object (assuming the couple/individual use the money for the car)?

To be honest, if I learn through the grapevine that someone doesn't want physical gifts/would prefer money, I'll gift money/gift cards/experience gifts as appropriate. But there is something about out right asking for it that feels off to me - more so now than it used to. Beyond that, the fees these registries charge bothers me even more. If I'm going to give $100, I'd like the recipient to get $100.

It seems silly and wasteful. I was raised that when one is given cash, one is honor-bound to notify the gift-giver how you plan to use their generous contribution. For example, my HS grad money was earmarked for a set of luggage to take to college with me. Something that givers could be happy about contributing to, as it was obviously a necessary item. So it wouldn't bother me to hear via the grapevine that the couple was saving for a car, and I think it might even be funny to get a thank you note for having donated a parking brake for the car. But yes, I'd want them to get all the money, so I'd send the check to them personally.

I could see it not being too bad.  There's still a lot of people that consider straight cash to be rude.  Unfortunately many of the couples I've seen getting married now are a bit older than I am and trying to figure out how to fit two apartments of stuff into one apartment!  Cars are always one of the big ticket items that could use the extra help.

That said, I really would rather just have a "donate money to our car fund!" than give 10% to a company for collecting my money.

i never understood why a "honeymoon fund" was considered less tacky/rude than no-strings-tied cash. I'd rather just give a check/cash for whatever amount and let the happy couple do whatever they want with it.  i certainly would rather give the amount i want to give without some "bank" taking 10% for their troubles.

People are trying to persuade us to register for a "Honeyfund,"  and anything that adds to the legitimacy of this concept bugs me, though I'm not convinced this one helps it! If anything,i think it points to the absurdity of the concept.

Apparently it's a personal insult to refuse to register in the way your friends have. (And not registering at all? Oh, the horror!)


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