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Author Topic: Roommate Hell.....  (Read 33894 times)

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Re: Roommate Hell.....
« Reply #165 on: August 31, 2015, 10:31:05 AM »
My one semester in college dorms went very similar to some others posted here - I was in a triple. One girl spent all her time at her boyfriend's. The other had the bunk below me .. and had absolutely no compunction entertaining her boyfriend ... while I was there. In the upper bunk. I'm not sure there was actually Scrabble going on, but there was much rearranging of tiles. It got to the point where I was basically using the room a few times a week as an emergency crash pad - other nights I'd drive home to my parent's (about an hour) or stay with a friend.

The coup de grace was when I came to the room one night around 10 p.m. and found - not her boyfriend - but her mother, stepfather (I think) and two small children.  The kids were asleep in my bunk. Roommate calmly explained that they were "just here for a week." A tense  meeting with an RA ensued, after which I decamped to my friend's apartment. The next day I came back and they were gone - along with random things of mine (nothing major - ranging from a saucepan to a hair scrunchie - and so truly random that it was clear it was petty revenge.)

Fortunately, things worked out OK. The friend with the apartment offered that I could crash there whenever needed, and let me keep some clothes and toiletries there. I gave her as much cash as I could spare and we had great fun cooking meals together and entertaining on a low-key, geeky basis. We both wished we could have gone in as roommates the next semester but there were complicated legal reasons why that wouldn't work. So for the most part, I was back to commuting from my parents' an hour away. :(

I've posted about my other abominable post-college housemates before. There was the one whose motto was "What's mine is mine and what's yours is ours and what's ours is actually mine, just so we're clear," and the woman who brought home three different guys to spend the night over the course of the first four weeks living with me - despite the fact that she'd solemnly vowed that there would be no overnight guests. (It was a tiny house with one bathroom.) Ah, fun times.


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Re: Roommate Hell.....
« Reply #166 on: August 31, 2015, 12:39:35 PM »
I was living with a male friend,Bob, and we needed a 3rd roommate so Bob recommended his friend Ted.  We ended up kicking him out because he never paid his rent and stole anything that wasn't nailed down. The fun part came after he moved out.

This was back in the day when bath gel was a new thing- you got the hanging bottle for your shower. Well, I got one and it disappeared.  I asked both guys about it, and Ted told me that he accidentally broke it so he threw it away.  Well... alright it happens...

When we kicked him out, Bob and I packed for him.  I found my soap container in his room.  Still half full.  We found some other things of ours as well- but that was the winner.

Later on, we found out that he got kicked out of his fraternity for having a party, charging a cover charge for liquor, not providing said liquor and having underage people at the frat house.  He's not even allowed to say he was ever a part of that fraternity.  Great guy....
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Re: Roommate Hell.....
« Reply #167 on: August 31, 2015, 02:47:15 PM »
I lived on campus all 4 years of undergrad and 1 year of grad school, so I had a couple roommates.

Freshman year:  took a random roommate and it worked out pretty great.  My only complaint was that she would have her alarm at full volume, slept through it for about 5 minutes, then hit snooze.  Repeat about 5 times a morning.  Thankfully I usually had an early class, so I was usually gone before this routine started. 

Sophomore year:  roomed with the same girl from freshman year.  Only now we both had boyfriends and required the occasional bit of privacy, so she devised the hair tie on the doorknob (a little less obvious than a sock I guess).  One day I get a screaming phone call from her that she was so sick and tired of me always hogging the room and I was a terrible roommate.  Except I wasn't in the room.  And rarely was except to sleep at night because my boyfriend's roommate was rarely around (he lived near campus and went home for dinner often and every weekend).  Turns out she was leaving the hair tie on the door and never taking it off.  So she would see it there and assume I was in the room again when no one was.  Things were a bit chilly after that.  She moved off campus the next year and we might have said hi to each other once or twice on campus.

Junior year:  A new random roommate.  Very nice girl who was rarely in the room the first semester.  She stayed with her boyfriend or a friend about 28 nights out of the month.  So, got the place to myself which was great.  But apparently her grades started to sleep, so 2nd semester she was in the room unless she was in class or eating.  For about a week.  Then I come back to the room one day to see her rolling out a suitcase with the last of her things.  She officially moved out and I had the place to myself.  Loved it! 
At one point, a girl came by because she was having trouble with her roommates and was told I had a half empty room by the RA.  I will admit I shaded things a little - I have a boyfriend that I see all the time, I'm an early bird with 8am classes, I have people over often for studying or projects.  I didn't want to go back to sharing!

Senior year:  New random roommate.  I had always been in one of those suites with 2 people in 2 rooms that are connected through the bathroom.  Often people signed up in groups of 4.  This time I was put in with a group of 4 where one had had to drop out unexpectedly.  It was a little awkward being the odd one out, but by then I wasn't in the room much due to classes and study groups and work.  And she was good and quiet.  Except for the one time I came home early from work to find a toddler playing on my laptop.  Turns out she had been babysitting for a friend in our room.  It didn't bother me much except she hadn't warned me and I would have put some stuff away that he could have damaged or could have hurt him.

Grad school:  On campus apartment with 2 bedrooms for 4 people.  But you also got a living room, kitchen, and full bathroom.  And we had the RA in our apartment, so we only had 3 people (RA's get their own rooms).  And my roommate graduated mid year, so it was only the 2 of us for a semester!  Awesome! 
The only annoyance was the RA.  She never did the dishes!  Both sinks would be piled full and the counters around them (apparently all 3 of us brought a full set of dishes).  Eventually roomie and I did them, but it got really annoying.  She cleaned up her act (please don't hurt me!) the next semester when I guess she realized that the mysteriously clean dishes could only have been done by one person. 

So, I've been lucky in never having a roommate that made me curse their existence.