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Author Topic: Four more cats? (Update Pg 4))  (Read 5404 times)

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Re: Four more cats? (Update Pg 4))
« Reply #75 on: Yesterday at 11:39:56 AM »
Charlotte changed her mind about being an outside cat, possibly because she was tired of the kittens.  Thursday evening, I opened the window to the screened porch for a few hours.  This time, the family went out.  When I stepped onto the porch, the kittens fled back into the bedroom, but Charlotte just huddled in a corner crying.  I propped the porch door open.  An hour later, I put a bowl of food on the porch, and Charlotte was gone.  I haven't seen her since.  No food was eaten for a couple of days, and when it finally was, it was eaten late at night, probably by a raccoon or fox.  Most likely, Charlotte returned to wherever she came from in the first place, possibly the cat colony about a mile away. 

Damiri and Octavia were upset, though not quite as much as they would have been a month ago.  No loud crying, just the occasional little mew and a lot of hiding under the bed.  Now that Mama is gone, it's time to integrate them into the rest of the household.  Over the weekend, I left the door open during the day.  It's hard to say which pair of sisters was more scared. 

Last night, Octavia came out for dinner and this time stayed to play with the Cat Dancer for a while.  I finally saw Damiri come out to nervously lick up some canned food.  This morning was even better.  While eating breakfast, I heard a hiss.  Looked over and saw Damiri standing in the doorway.  Even better, Octavia scurried out of Nani and Koa's room.  Turns out, the little scamp had snuck in there and ate the Girls' canned food.  :-)  Hey, if it gets them out and about, I'm fine.

Koa and Nani are pretty non-aggressive; they don't even play-fight with each other.  They should be safe with the kittens aside from mutual hissing.  Magic is another story, as fear makes her aggressive.  She still chases the Girls if she catches them in the living room during the day.  Magic may have been in the kittens' bedroom this morning; she came out of one of the rooms, and seemed scared before fleeing downstairs.  At least age has slowed Magic enough that she isn't likely to catch anyone anymore.


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Re: Four more cats? (Update Pg 4))
« Reply #76 on: Yesterday at 02:02:44 PM »
Progress! I hope Charlotte stays safe.