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This has been in the news lately with the Manti T'eo situation. I don't really understand it. Can someone who has had an online relationship explain why this was your choice instead of a real life actual relationship? Why do you choose to engage with someone you have not met instead of someone you have?

I don't think people in relationships online expect to stay that way forever. I think they all expect to be together in real life eventually. Sometimes that can't be done for a long time.

I have a friend or two online that i have never met in person and don't ever plan to. If they are lying about who they are, that doesn't really affect me one way or the other.

I met my DH online. After three months of nothing but instant messages and phone calls, we knew that we loved each other and moved in together.

You can't help who you fall in love with. If you happen to meet that person online, it makes sense to me that one would try to make that work first.

I think there's some irony in your question. You are asking this question to your online friends. Most I assume you have never met. Why did you come to this forum and ask questions instead of asking your real life friends?

I think some of it has to do with Manti and his upbringing. I also think the fact that he plays football for a great & popular football program for another. It's not easy to meet someone in his college town to date just for dating him as the guy and not Manti T'eo #5 for the Fighting Irish. 

The irony of asking this question in an online forum may have hurt my brain too much to come up with a proper answer.

I think it's easier, one can be in control, one can have a relationship without the annoyance of reality.

There is an excellent cartoon that applies.,_nobody_knows_you're_a_dog

I do agree that it could be a bit ironic.

I have never had a romance of this sort but I don't know that it is a choice in that the partner is local but  an online relationship is carried on instead.  For some people distance/time/whatever  keeps them from meeting the SO of their dreams in person, at least for a while.


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