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Your own birthday celebration

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Just Lori:
Nope, this is not a thread about whether or not you can throw yourself a birthday party. ;)

Suppose your birthday happened to fall within a period of several birthdays in your family.  Between the mother-in-law celebration and your child's celebration (complete with the requisite hoopla), you're a bit tired of birthdays.  Plus, you're about to celebrate a rather blah number.  It's not a milestone.  It's a much higher number than you feel, save for the times you bend over the wrong way and feel it for days.

What would you do to give yourself something special on that day?  I've considered some of the obvious choices, like a massage or lunch out.  But I'm looking for something I can do to make the day special and unique.  My husband is working that day but I'm not, so the daytime hours are free.   I'm not in a position where I can travel to the nearest Big City.  I don't have a lot of money set aside for me.  But I tend to treat my actual birthday as an afterthought, and I'd like to change that.


Go for a nice walk somewhere (if the weather permits where you are)

Are there any museums or art galleries within a reasonable distance?

Nice bath with lots of bubbles, followed by a lunch consisting of all your favourite things- some nice deli meats and bread?

Treat yourself to a DVD you've wanted for a while and watch that.

What about a class?  Is there something that you have been thinking about trying for a while - yoga, pilates, flower arranging, some cooking style, knitting - but haven't gotten around to doing yet?  You might see if any place near where you are offers classes if that is where your interests lie.

the day before, go out and buy some kind of ultra decadent breakfast foods.  The the morning of your birthday; sleep in a little later if you can; get up make a fresh pot of coffee, eat your guilt-free (birthday food don't have calories  >:D ) breakfast and then sit and read a good book or watch a guilty-pleasure moive of TV show.

I would take myself out for a lobster dinner or buy myself something semi-expensive, like a $125 bottle of perfume or a new item of jewelry.


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