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Can a person RSVP Yes x 1/2?

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Host indicates to people who have a yearly tradition of watching the Super Bowl that they would like to host this year.  Host also mentioned that they were asking ahead of time because they had hosted the year previously and didn't want to pre-empt someone else if they had wanted to host.  The people in the group responded that Host should go ahead.  While Host mentioned the event casually later on in conversation, the event was not actually discussed with specifics.  On Friday, so 1 week and 2 days before the Super Bowl, the group received an official invitation asking for RSVPs.  An invitee responded on the last day before the deadline, prompted by the Host's reminder, that they were going to another gathering for pre-game and the first half, but would stop by for the latter half of the game.  Is this appropriate?

I think it depends, but wouldn't bother me. It's not like a formal dinner party, where the guest said oh, i'm having drinks and dinner with friend a, but will come by you (friend b) in time for dessert.  To me, its more casual, where someone dropping in later on would be ok.  I've been to SB parties where people come and go. And now that the game begins later and later, sometimes its just not possible to stay the entire time. I know i'm going to friends, but will most likely leave at halftime, and my friends are fine with that. I get up early for work, so I'd like to be home at a fairly reasonable hour, so i can get to bed, etc. in time.

Also, a week and a day or two doesn't seem to be all that much notice; esp for a big event like the Superbowl.  So I don't blame the invitee for accepting another invite, when, even though it was talked about, no firms plans were made.

While seeing as I have done a similiar thing (went for a hike and then joined the SB party later) I think it's fine.

There are events where dropping in and out is expected (Open House) and events were it is not appropriate (Formal Dinner).

Some parties are (people may be there for the first part, the last part or the middle) and some aren't.

I would think of a superbowl party as generally being a fairly casual affair and one where it is fine to arrive late or leave early, as I have witnessed that and aside from this thread never considered it anything to even think about.

I definitely think its fine.  But late comers have to deal with all the good seats already being taken and the awesome food already started!  >:D

Yes, for that style party its fine.

For a sit down dinner it isn't but where a person's late arrival or early departure doesn't adversely affect the party, its fine.


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