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Can a person RSVP Yes x 1/2?

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Nyachan, it sounds as if your host friends treated the Super Bowl event in a very casual way and then got hurt and upset when others did too.  (issuing verbal invites, for one, that's pretty casual to me but pretty standard when it comes to SB)

Also, "not sure whether to count them in for the meal?"  Is it a sit down dinner?  If not, who doesn't love leftovers, esp after half-time? 

I really think your friend is making a bit more out of this than need be.  SB is typically a casual group of friends getting together to watch a football game, eating in front of the TV.  And the food isn't 5-star either...we are talking wings, fries, hamburgers, dips, chips, etc. 

Now, unless you are talking about a sit down dinner, they are in the clear as far as I'm concerned. 

Host wasn't freaking out or anything, the only reason this is even posted was because I was curious, I promise!  :)  She hasn't mentioned it again since the text - which also included general questions about cooking and serving, so not just about this - but if the event comes up in conversation, I might mention that everyone, including Todd and Jenny, were saying they were excited to come & not planning on being at school the next day if you catch my drift.  The reason the numbers came up is because she thought she would need to borrow a bigger crockpot for the main dish if there were more people coming.


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