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It's starting to bug me (NN story)

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BG: (NN = Noisy Neighbor) but this has nothing to do with the noise. She's been rather quiet lately. She's also been rather cold to me. (Skip to "the reason for my post if you don't need the BG)

A follow-up to this thread: . . . The last time (mid-December) I talked to NN at any length the conversation went like this (NN was working in her yard, I approached her for over-the-fence friendly chat):

Me: Hey, Neighbor! How's everything going?

NN: Fine. I'm just trying to get the leaves raked and everything ready for winter.

(5+ minute chit-chat about the weather, upcoming holidays, etc.)

NN: So, I hear you don't like my stereo?

Me: I love your stereo. It's a pretty decent system. LOL! Just not late at night, when I'm trying to sleep or watch TV. ;D

NN: That guy that came over and complained. Does he live with you?

Me: No. He's my DDs BF. They couldn't hear the TV over the (music . . . she cut me off)

NN: He.doesn' (yes, the comment was pretty stern) and thinks it's okay for him to knock on my door and ask me to turn down my stereo?

(She throws up her arms and walks away, shaking her head, before I could respond or finish my statement.)  :o

Ever since then she's been rather cold to me. Whenever I see her I give a wave and a "How are you? Great day isn't it?" happy type of greeting. She pretty much turns around and walks away. /end BG.

Okay, so we'll never be great neighbor-friends. I can deal with that.

The reason for my post and it really is starting to bug me, even though it isn't a huge deal . . . NN has thrown a rather large canvas type of tarp over my fence. It is a shared fence (bordering the properties) but technically it's mine (on my property, I paid for it to be put up.)

It hangs about 4 feet wide and drapes to the ground on my side of the fence. It's been there since mid-December. It's not a hill to die on but it's becoming an eye-sore to me.

Is there a polite way that I can approach NN (since she's been cold to me) and ask her to remove the tarp from my fence? Or should I just look the other way and not stir up more strife?

It's your fence, so I think you should feel free to ask her about the tarp.  Specifically, ask her if there's someplace else she can put it, because it's becoming an eyesore.

I doubt there's anything you can say that's going to make her less cold to you, so you may as well tell her to remove the tarp so you don't have to look at it.  It's pretty rude of her to just leave it there, since it's not her fence.

Toss it back over on her side of the fence. If she wants to hang it, she can put up a clothes line or something.

You are of course totally justified in not wanting the tarp there.

If you are ok with approaching her, just be polite but matter of fact about it "hi NN, I wanted to talk with you about the tarp on the fence. Its become and eyesore and needs to be removed." Then give her 24 hours. If she doesn't remove it, pull it off, fold it as best you can, and drop it over the fence into her yard.

Once you put anythin on the property line, no matter who pays for it, is no longer "yours". 

In your case, the side of the fence facing your yard, is yours.  The side on her property side is hers.  She can do whatever she wants to with her side of the fence. 

This is why most people usually put their fence within a few feet of the property line.
(at least this info. is true in our area of Pennsylvania).

Since the tarp is also on yoru side of the fence, I would just put it over on her side of the fence, yard, etc.


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