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Author Topic: Correcting or pointing fingers?  (Read 12946 times)

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Re: Correcting or pointing fingers?
« Reply #30 on: February 25, 2013, 11:43:24 AM »
When the first Gulf War broke out, the husband next door was a Marine who was sent to to the Persian Gulf on an aircraft carrier.  Because that families daughters and our daughters were close, our kids were concerned about him.  Right about then, National Geographic magazine sent out a beautiful new world map, which we put up on a large door in our hallway.  As recommended by the local news station, we showed the children where WE were, and then showed them how far away the Middle East was, and that nothing from there would reach us.  And, since our children were all in grade school, we limited the news we watched when they were up and around, because  a LOT of children were getting overwhelmed and nervous about all the news coverage that involved their family, or people they knew well.

But that map was the best thing ever.  It was a great tool.  For a good year or so, whenever someplace was mentioned on the news, or in a book, or something, we'd go find it on the map.  "Wow.  Russia is REALLY BIG".  "Oooh, England is little."  "Where is X?"  "It's in Asia.  Go look!"  I like maps...
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