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Am I rude in my "defriending"?

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Is it rude to defriend someone you've known for years but haven't seen in half that time?  Facebook  has definitely helped me maintain friendships that I treasure through the decades, but there are also those folks who are just names on my list and occasional blurbs that are just noise on my news feed.  I've made it a point every few months to consider which people haven't had a dialogue with me in a certain length of time and defriend those who don't stay in touch, even through social media.  Is this a bad idea?  I have considered reconnecting with a couple of friends after seeing their names tagged in old pictures, but I don't know what I'd say to them other than, "Sorry I defriended you before.  Do we have anything in common since the last 20 years have passed?"

Harriet Jones:
It's your friends list, you can do with it whatever you like.  Just don't be a drama llama about the de-friending.

As long as you don't defriend me, we're all good.   ;)

Seriously though, no, it's not rude to defriend somebody to whom you feel no connection.

I dont think its rude at all. I totally agree with your actions, and the reasons behind them. I am not a fan of adding people that have absolutely no desire to talk to me, they just added me because  we went to school together or did some activity together.

I do the exact same thing. Once in a while I go through my friends list and, if I find someone who I realize I never comment on, and who I realize also never comments on my posts, I figure there's not really a relationship anymore and I weed them out.


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