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Would this scenario be frowned upon/seen as unprofessional?

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I'm going to keep things as general as possible, because I'm asking this question for a friend (who is watching me type). Say you have a young Professor who teaches college courses and a college-aged Student. Student takes one of Professor's courses and remains friendly with Professor. Student discovers an interest in the subject to the point of wanting to pursue it in further schooling. Student requests a letter of recommendation from Professor. After moving away from school and then moving back afterward, Student begins dating said Professor. Acceptable? Unacceptable? Is this a bright-line rule, that one shouldn't date any person that has previously been used as a professional reference?

I would say that now that the student no longer attends the college, they can date.

I don't think it retroactively makes it unethical for Student to have used Professor's recommendation letter in the past, before they started dating. However, Student should not use Professor's recommendation anymore when applying for future schooling/jobs. It would look really biased even if written before the relationship.

I don't know what a career counselor would say, but that's my instinct.

I agree with Yvaine.


--- Quote from: Lynn2000 on January 28, 2013, 10:47:46 PM ---I agree with Yvaine.

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Me too.   Continuing to use the reference would be an issue.  But dating a former reference wouldn't even be on my radar as a potential problem. 

Said student doesn't need Professor's reference anymore so that wouldn't be an issue, but is more concerned about other professors/people at the university and what their thoughts on the matter would be.

(At my old university, one of the professors married a student and everybody talked about it-the whole thing was quite the source of gossip.)


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