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A really tight group

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Your collegue has every right to turn down the offer of managing this department...and she even has the right to do so after doing some research.

However, I don't think it was professional of her to pass on this negative talk about the department to you or anyone else at work.  It's inappropriate.

Yes, a tight knit group like this can cause problems if the "closeness" is taken too far.  If any of the previous second managers have been pushed out by that culture, then they need to take their first hand experiences to HR. 

The simple answer as regards etiquette is to deal with people in a tight group like this politely but cautiously if forced into the situation, and document every interaction to CYA.  The second manager in the story would be well advised to go to HR with the information he/she garnered about the second party to make sure that HR doesn't think the second manager was involved in the misappropriation of budget funds.

Beyond avoidance and polite distance in forced interactions, it's best to leave everything to the company's internal handling to deal with this sort of departmental friction.


It sounds to me like the first manager should have been let go a long time ago.


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