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Wearing shades indoors

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Diane AKA Traska:
I suppose it all depends on how bright your future is.  ;)

(But seriously, fine/neutral/NOYB)

I wear my prescription sunglasses almost all day , everywhere, until it gets dark outside. I have something wrong with my eyes ( I forgot the technical name for it now) that makes my eyes feel more comfortable with sunglasses on. I also have tinted prescription eyeglasses, but those are just not tinted enough in places like Target or Walmart where the lights in there are so bright.

I voted fine. I'm photosensitive, and in some stores it can be bright enough that it makes my eyes ache, so sometimes I keep my sunglasses on inside. I don't see why it would be such a big deal.

Medically necessary most of the time in my case to wear sunglasses in stores, in movie theaters, at friend's houses (I spent the Superbowl wearing my sunglasses, and no one felt that was rude), at church, most everywhere.

I voted fine/neutral.  I'm another who would have liked to see a choice of 'none of my business.'


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