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Wearing shades indoors

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I wear shades indoors often...I have 'persistent chronic migraines' which, with good meds, are a manageable (mostly) headache w/ light and sound sensitivity.
I have gotten a lot of comments/questions.  Some are 'trying to be funny' comments(which, FTR, I don't mine.  I claim it's my Yoko Ono impression  ;)), some are intrusive ("Why are you wearing sunglasses" is touch intrusive but I don't immediately rankle at it--although it can be asked in either neutral or incredibly hateful/accusatory/condescending tone of voice), and some are insulting ("what, did you party to hard last night?"  "trying to hide your face?")

I don't tend to share my medical reasons but the people who imply, while I'm at work-in front of my boss, that I"m hungover have gotten an (icily polite) earful.

And then there's me, w/ my sun-darkening regular glasses.

I wet to lunch w/a  friend, and we went into the restaurant, sat down across from each other, and started to laugh. We both had "shades" on because our lenses hadn't lightened up yet.

I voted neutral. I can't see how people with transition lenses should take them off. One of my coworkers is going around today with sunglasses on due to migraines, and honestly it didn't even occur to me that she was wearing them until she apologized!

However many banks prefer patrons who aren't wearing sunglasses (mine has a sign up).

Tabby Uprising:
I voted "fine/neutral".  While it's not often I notice people wearing shades indoors, I would just assume there was a reason for it.  A reason much along the lines of what previous posters have chimed in with. 

Or.... I might think you were a celebrity buying cauliflower on the down-low  8)

Two words:  Roy Orbison

Made it his trademark look.


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