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Was I justified going over my supervisor's head on this one? Angry post #15

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So my contract states that I either work on public holidays for overtime rates, or get paid my ordinary rate and don't work. It is explicitly stated that my days of work can't be swapped away from a public holiday to avoid paying this overtime or normal rate. However the company decides whether I work or stay home.

We recently had a public holiday. My days of work were swapped - I worked an alternate day and not the public holiday. I told my supervisor two weeks before this that I saw she'd swapped my shifts and although I'd work the alternate day, it would be in addition to my ordinary rate while I didn't work on the holiday.

I got paid the other day and saw that I hadn't been paid the extra, as per my contract. My manager happened to be working and I spoke to her about the shift swapping and how I hadn't been paid. She said I should leave a note with the lady who does the pay and she'd see that it was fixed up next pay day.

Apparently she wasn't happy with my supervisor - IMHO she was right to be upset that the supervisor was violating my contract. We have a union and this is a legal contract which we can go to court over. Today my supervisor insisted that she'd spoken to the pay lady in advance and it was the pay lady's fault for not paying me.

The issue is that my supervisor puts into the computer all the shifts she wants me to work. When I work them, I log in and off through the computer. The pay lady then goes through and make sure all the logging in and out matches the assigned shifts. She can add log in/out data for sick leave, vacation and public holidays, but only for shifts that the supervisor enters. So if the supervisor deletes my public holiday shift, there's no shift in the computer for the pay lady to change to a public holiday rate.

So, anyway, I think I was right in speaking to the manager. This isn't the first time that my supervisor has deleted my shifts when I should be paid sick or public holiday/overtime rates. My supervisor is really nice and friendly. We're facebook friends and chat a lot while we work. But I just can't get through to her that my pay is really important to me and I want it to be correct every time, so she needs to stop deleting my shifts when I'm sick or on vacation because I need the pay lady to pay me! As a side note, the supervisor is paid a salary, and the pay lady doesn't take care of her pay, it comes from a different office. So her pay is always correct. Mine is shift-based and annoying to check every single week.

What do you think? Am I an annoying minion or do you think I've just solved my pay problem? Thanks!

You mentioned that this is a union job.  In that case, I think after speaking with your supervisor and your payroll person, I'd probably go to a union steward/representative to ask for advice.

There's a good chance that they've had this issue come up and know how to get it fixed.

After the first time I'd have gone so far over my bosses head that he/she couldn't even have seen my feet.

I'd talk to your union.  Screwing up your pay is a big big big big deal.  Deleting shifts and stuff is not OK.

I'm totally serious that I would not be OK with this.  Your boss may be a nice person but she is messing with your money and thats totally not cool.

I think you were fine because this has happened before and there's a good chance it would have happened again. Whether it's a deliberate attempt to save the company money (hoping you won't notice or won't challenge it) or an accidental oversight, Supervisor needs to get it together and stop messing up your pay. I'm sure she doesn't like that she was spoken to by the Manager but maybe it was the correction she needed to finally force her to pay more attention to this aspect of her job.

It doesn't sound like you did any of this belligerently, so I think you're okay. It can be hard not to get emotionally invested in your paycheck, for obvious reasons! 


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