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Was I justified going over my supervisor's head on this one? Angry post #15

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I think you did exactly right. And next time, I think I'd be making a call to the Union. Does she often move your shifts around, or is it just around holidays? Because if it's just around holidays that makes it far worse in my eyes and I'd be pushing for a "do it again and you won't be a supervisor".

I think your supervisor needs retraining on the time management system. Your description doesn't sound like someone who would intentionally short pay someone.

Either the supervisor is doing this deliberately or cluelessly, and either way her manager should know.

We get our shifts two weeks in advance, so in the past she might have forgotten to give me a particular shift, but she fixes it right up as soon as I tell her. She rosters a huge department so I don't mind, as long as she fixes it. I don't have a problem unless I'm sick - and I just solved that with the manager (the sick leave thing was no one's fault, just paper shuffling).

Today my supervisor told me she'd written an official change of shift form for me last week. She'd written a note about the holiday and apparently specifically said that I needed to be paid for it. However, the employee needs to sign this form as well, and I didn't see it, so I didn't sign it, obviously. That's usually not a problem but the pay lady can be pedantic about signatures, and she doesn't like me. The problem is, as I said before, even without the note, the shift should be in the system for the pay lady to take care of. And the manager told me she checked with the pay lady about taking care of everyone. I knew my shift had been deleted two weeks ago and the pay lady can't just add in shifts off the top of her head.

I usually work every holiday so this exact thing hasn't happened to me before. It just made me so angry that I spoke to her and wrote her a note two weeks in advance, and then I check my payslip and it didn't go through properly. It's not a great deal of money but I hate the endless chorus of "oh, pay lady messed it up!" and "supervisor deleted your shift!" They always fix it up the week after but it feels like jumping through hurdles for the money I worked for already.

You should not have to go through all of this hoop jumping to ensure you are paid correctly.  If this isn't resolved after getting the manager involved your next step would be to go to the union.


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