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Well, there's an attitude toward tipping I've never seen before (Dear Abby 1-31)

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Second letter down:

Short version: The LW works in a college campus donut shop and has had several people help themselves to the contents of her tip jar if they are running a few cents short in paying for their order.  When she objected, one lady called her selfish and told her that the money in the jar wasn't just for her.

I have NEVER seen this before!  Has anyone else ever seen customers take a proprietary attitude toward tip money that other people left behind?  Is it even remotely similar to the "take a penny" dish?  I am just boggled by this!

No, this is totally not cool on the part of the customers. Taking money out of tip jars is a theft of money that belongs to the employee and of their time and service. :o

I work retail and the entitlement of some customers is mind-boggling.

I'd never consider taking money from a tip jar! Have peoples' sense of entitlement become that bad?  :-\

I agree with Abby. It's theft - plain and simple. Unfortunately this isn't the first time I've read of such a thing happening.

I hate tip jars, but this is rude and wrong.


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