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Upstairs/Downstairs Neighbor Conflict (long)

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I agree that Max is doing nothing wrong, as long as he's not slamming doors and lumbering up and down the stairs. Shared living spaces just come with minor annoyances and inconveniences that are not anyone's fault. If that is the worst offense you and Max cause as neighbors, Kevin is one lucky guy.

However, I would say that Max should find whatever he can do to minimize the impact on Kevin.

Maybe he can create a [non-unsightly] storage space downstairs for most of his equipment, even if it means encroaching on the shared tiny foyer.

Maybe he should find a place to set the grill (while he's grilling) that isn't right outside Kevin's home (I know how frustrating it can be to have other people constantly in the "picture frame" of your window. It feels like they're in the house with you, whether windows are open or not.)

Max doesn't have to quit, but he'd have a better relationship with Kevin if he found ways to be sympathetic and cooperative.

Agree with TootsNYC that when Max grills, he should move the grill some distance away from the window.   But keeping the grill locked by/under the window is fine.  Max has had it there for years and it was there when Kevin viewed the apartment. 

The "raw/dead meat" thing just sounds like something threw out in the heat of an argument.  After all, meat is raw when its brought home from the store - and then it's not well contained.  Meat often drips out of the plastic wrap and saturates the shopping bag.  Max is doing the right thing by using more secure containerizes. 

Sorry, I think Kevin needs to suck it up, it's not just his yard. That's part of what you have to deal with living in an apartment as opposed to buying your own home. If the landlord is okay with how/where the grill is set up, then I think Max is okay doing as he's doing.
I do suspect Kevin is a vegetarian of the pushy sort, hence the "dead meat" comment. Still not Max's problem.
The only thing I'd suggest is maybe giving Kevin warning so he can close his window if he wishes, so he doesn't have to smell the smoke.

A few years ago when I lived in a garden apartment the only option for grilling was doing it in the common area. I had neighbors who did this. I never saw a problem with it.


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