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Mislabelled product for sale - do you contact seller?

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Someone locally is selling a hobby item that I recently parted with myself.  They are selling it for $100 less than I sold mine for.  Their item is in much better condition with more accessories than mine was.

Aside from the fact that I know for certain (absolutely for certain) that they could get more than they are asking for their item, they have mislabelled the type of item.

Let's call it a Widget from Widger Co.  Widger Co makes Widgets that are given special names like Annie, Bob, Charlie.  They also have a Widget called Widger, which was their original Widget.
I just sold my Annie Widget last week.  I am looking for a new, smaller widget, so often look on places like Craigslist for a smaller Widget.

Someone posted a Widget this week.  It is an Annie Widget.  This Annie Widget is in very beautiful condition and it is obvious from the pictures that it has been cared for.  However, because the Widget bears a label that reads "Widger Co Widget" (as all older Widgets by Widger Co did), the seller has erroniously assumed that this is a Widger Widget.  It's not.  It's an Annie Widget.  There are several key differences between a Widger and an Annie Widget.  A quick google search of "Widget Co" (not the real name, btw) shows all Widger Co's past and present models of Widgets.

Due to the condition of the Annie Widget, I know that the seller could get at least another $200 or more if they asked.  Widget buyers like to haggle, so it's likely that they'd get even less than they are asking for it, which is a steal.

Do you think it would be weird, strange, or generally out of line to send a quick email to the seller through the website letting them know that they are selling an Annie and not a Widger? I am a pretty experienced Widget user, and the way the post is phrased makes me believe the Widget seller may not be an experienced Widgeteer.

(edited to add):
If I were to send them a note, I would send something along the lines of "Hi, I just spotted this post for your beautiful Widget while I was looking for a Bob or a Charlie Widget.  I just wanted to let you know that this is actually an Annie Widget.  Annies are A-type Widgets with X-wings, and Widger Widgets have Y-wings.  It's a beautiful Annies, too.  I just sold my Annie for about $100 more than you're asking, and it wasn't in nearly as nice as what you are selling.  I know this is unsolicited, but you can probably get quite a bit more than you're asking.  But mainly, I just wanted you to know that you have an Annie, not a Widger.  The company name is also Widger Co, which is why your label says Widger Widget.  (and I would insert the link to Widger Co's online catalog)"

I think it would be nice to let them know, if it seems like they don't know what they have.

If this is a very popular item though be aware it could be a scam, that's a commom CL trick, posting something well under value to try and get personal info from people or scam them int o sending money for something they'll never get.

I think your note looks perfect, and even if they think it's odd (which I wouldn't, but I can't speak for everyone) it will at least prompt them to do a bit more research.

I think its fine to send the note.  the seller can always ignore it. 

I once saw an add for "lays" which also had something to do with employment.  The seller clearly meant "leis".  I shot them a quick note about the misspelling and wishing them luck in their job search.  They sent back a very grateful note and I noticed later the ad was corrected. If they had ignored me, I really wouldn't have cared but it felt good to help them out.

In your case, it might be someone who inherited the widget and doesn't know much about them.  And if you help them out they might let you know they have other widget related stuff, stuff maybe you are interested in.

It's not a popular enough item to be a scam.  Plus, on the few occasions that I have seen what feel like scams, the "seller" has used a stock photo.  This is a photo taken in someone's yard.  It's definitely in the town the ad says it's in, as I know the tiny town well.

Widgers and Annies are worth about the same new.  Widgers are worth a bit more than Annies used.  They are asking what is commonly a "This was my grandmother's widget and I don't know what to do with it" price.  I got a $1500 widget for $50 that way once.  I still use that widget.   ;)

I'll send the note.


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