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'Twas the last week of the semester, and all through the class, some students wondered if they would pass.

Yep, it's that time of the semester again. All of the sudden, people are trying to access class notes, weekly assigned readings and their previous test scores. Mind you, these are people that completely skipped a few weeks of the class. Didn't read the online post, attend class or read the weekly assigned journal readings (20-30 pages per week).

My brilliant professor locks the module once it is past, so these students are not in good shape for the completely written exam in two weeks.

OTOH, I had a complete panic attack in class yesterday, when I saw I had missed the last required reading review deadline. Then realized there is another one due next week.
Guess what I am doing this weekend?

I'm happy to not be a SD candidate again. I have 6 classes, 62 actual class sessions and 15 exams this semester. I haven't missed any.


--- Quote from: Tosca on April 11, 2014, 11:01:02 PM ---In one of my classes, we have to write weekly "blog entries".  We're given the topic a week out, then have to research it, write a 350-400 word summary and post it to an open thread on the class website.  Everyone can see everyone's.

I don't like giving up my weekend to these things, so I make a big effort to get them done in the first couple of days.  Mine is almost always the first post.

Almost every week, SOMEONE blatantly plagerises my post.  They rarely steal the actual words, but the way the topic is handled, the references used, the way the information is set out...it's really obvious.  And this is on a website where EVERYONE IN THE CLASS CAN SEE! 

I don't really care; the posts are time-stamped, so it's plain who did the original research and who's cribbing.  I assume the tutor is taking care of it.  But way to be unsubtle...

--- End quote ---

Update on this mess. 

One particular student was plagarising me so frequently and so blatantly that I started caring, and reported it to the lecturer.  Who then reported it to the uni's Ethics Officer for investigation.  I've just received word that the Ethics Officer has confirmed he's committed plagarism: they have informed the Head of Faculty, who will decide the appropriate penalty.  Only then will he be informed the investigation has actually taken place, and that will be an unpleasant conversation for him. 

The LEAST that can happen is that he fails the unit and has the offence marked on his academic record.  Which will show up if he applies for internships, exchange study etc.  It will also basically wipe out his chances of being offered Honours.   

Sanity Lost:
From my brother who teaches Undergrad History at Fairly Big Name University. This happens at around 10pm his time. Brother's email is in italics

SMH, this is the email I received from one of my students this evening.

"Dr G. What time is the final tomorrow and where is it? Also; please send a copy of the overview you did in class. I can't find mine. Thanks!!!" Lost Lamb

Problem with this email? I'm grading last weeks final right now and the overview was posted on the class website with all the other news and postings; which oddly enough also contained the information on when and where the final was being held.

Any suggestions on responding without maniacal laughter? Dr. G

*Our suggestions included a lot of really inappropriate ways to convey this; with much hilarity. But we all agreed in the end the best reply was "Lost Lamb, Final was last week; please meet with me tomorrow to discuss during my office
hours." We reasoned that IF he had a really good excuse for missing the Final, he should be allowed to retake it. G's opinion was it needed to be "I was kidnapped by aliens and held captive for a week, while they quizzed me relentlesly on the socio-political stressors that led to Germany starting WWII", to be allowed to retake the final.

I'm guessing lost lamb knew s/he missed the final, and this is a last chance to look all helpless and harried and gain sympathy for a possible retake, or at the very least, a meeting to cry and plead his/her case. My response to a student would be "You missed the final on ___ date. Your options are to retake the class, or if you missed due to an unforseen emergency, apply for an Incomplete and retake the class." But since Student has made it clear they just missed, I'd say one strike and you're out.

Of course, the school admin may have specific protocol for all this, too, but really. It's time to be a grown-up now, lost lamb.

I really want to know what happens during the meeting


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