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HS Graduation Announcements Tissue Paper

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The tissue paper dates from the days when engraving was your only technology option, and it did smudge. It used to have a practical function, and nowadays it absolutely doesn't.

Skip it. Nobody will notice.

Tissue paper?  What tissue paper?   ;)

There probably are people out there who would notice the lack of a tissue liner.  Most probably don't know why it was used in the first place, much less notice its presence.

Yeah, concensus.  I'm skipping.  DD will be thrilled because I gave her an "allowance" for graduation stuff and skipping saves her $24.

I'd notice.  I may not hold it against the graduate, but it would be something that would get my attention when I opened it, because it is a traditional part of the announcement.

It's not something I would necessarily "miss" but announcements with the tissue just look so much nicer, IMO.


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