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Help with neighbors borrowing things! This is LONG!

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Exactly.  It's ALL about the reciprocity and mutuality.  Keeps everybody from feeling abused and taken advantage of.   8)


--- Quote from: Outdoor Girl on February 06, 2013, 04:57:07 PM ---I have a really good give and take with my next door neighbours.  I can pop over and borrow eggs or milk or whatever.  Usually, it is because I'm baking and I've run out.  So I ask if they want me to replace what I borrowed or give them some of the baking.  The husband usually says, 'I sure as heck don't want [whatever I borrowed] back.'  I'm known as 'the B that can bake'.   ;D

The other day, they were making a recipe (that they've given me) and needed a cup of rice so I gave them the rice.  And Monday, my driveway got cleaned out before I managed to get out there and do it.

That's how it is supposed to work.  When the borrowing is all one sided, it doesn't work so well.

--- End quote ---

I do as well. My downstairs neighbor, who I am good friends with, is 87. A young 87, as in still drives, goes out, and is active, but when it snows, I won't let her go out and clean off her car. She has some minor health issues, and there's no reason for her to be out doing that. So I do it. And she insists on paying me!!

Since I don't really want to be paid, but she's more stubborn than I am, when she brings my mail in when I go away, I buy her pricy chocolate. She loves it, and its payback.

Outdoor Girl:
Same neighbour did my driveway for me on Friday while I was at work.  I would have come home to a 3 ft plow pile in the end of the driveway, if he hadn't.  And I needed to change a shear pin before I could use my blower.

I made them a pumpkin pie and bought a can of whipped cream to go with it.


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