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Protocol (tipping, products, etc.) for a beauty school haircut

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--- Quote from: Luxie on January 31, 2013, 05:11:27 PM ---The cut will actually be free - that's what has me somewhat confused as to how to calculate a tip! It's ordinarily a quite expensive salon, but I'm not sure if I should use the typical haircut price there since this person doesn't actually work there.

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I don't think that would change my answer. Between $5 and $10, depending on your experience still seems appropriate.

Outdoor Girl:
I tip students the same amount I would tip my regular stylist.  I pay $40 so I tip $5 - it isn't like servers who make less than minimum wage so I figure a little over 10% is good.

When I went to a school, I'd tip them the about the same amount - $5.  But like oceanus, if I could make the total an even amount with at least $5 of that in tip, I'd probably round up to the even amount.

As for the upselling of products, 'I'm not interested, thanks.'  Lather, rinse, repeat.

DD#2 is in beauty school. Students are told not to expect tips. Clients do pay for services, but the cost is greatly reduced.

Some of her clients tip minimally ($1-5) many of her clients don't tip at all. She'll come home from school after servicing 5 clients and be happy with the $7 tips that she made.

Then there are the clients who feel that the service was wonderful and tip $20! (She's had quite a few that tipped $10-20 and have been return customers.)

Based on DD#2's experience, and the fact that your cut is free, I say tip what you feel the service deserves (no percentage necessary, just go with your gut.) If you like the cut, are pleased with the service, and will be a return customer? I think you should tip at least something.

Or don't tip at all. Not tipping is not frowned upon.

How's that for a definitive answer? ;)

POD the jpcher! I am a hairstylist and this is what I experienced in school. Tips aren't really expected there, but its nice for a good service.

I'd call the front desk ahead of time and ask them what the norm is. That way you are prepared (plus you can do it anonymously if you'd like).

Absent that, since the cut is free I'd probably tip around what I would spend on a cheap-o hair cut (the actual cut, not the tip), maybe a little under.


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