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I am currently sitting in a waiting room. I had a 9 am appointment so I could get to work in a timely fashion. They open at 9. I have been told she is "just finishing up" with someone else. How can I politely express my displeasure with their lack of respect for my time?  This is not the first time, which is why I specifically booked the first appointment.

Oh Joy:
What kind of service is this?

I would go to the desk and ask "For future reference, what is the first appointment of the day?  I had made my appointment for 9am so that I could make work on time but the delay is impacting my schedule."

Once, I was going to the doctor and the nurse took my blood pressure and commented "Your blood pressure is reading on the high side."  My response was "Yes, having to wait 30 minutes past my appointment time seems to have that effect on my blood pressure." 


--- Quote from: Oh Joy on February 01, 2013, 08:28:02 AM ---What kind of service is this?

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Honestly, I don’t think anything you say will make a difference.  By that I mean regardless of what you say, you’ll be given an excuse, maybe an apology, and you’ll be known as ‘difficult’ and ‘impatient’.  Or they will check and come back to tell you it’ll only be a few minutes.  Yeah, right. ::)

In your situation – where waiting beyond a few minutes creates a problem for me – what I’ve done is go up to the check-in desk or whatever and said “Apparently X is running behind schedule.  I have to leave.”  Then reschedule, or find another provider and don’t go back.


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