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My mother is an doctor and I was sick a lot as a kid, so I can understand both sides of the situation. It's really frustrating to make an appointment and constantly have to wait far beyond that time. On the other side, my mom gets overwhelmed all the time because the receptionists at her clinic book schedule appointments that only allow 15 minutes per person (including the time the nurse has to prep the patient). Basically, it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE for her to stay on schedule and she is a very punctual person. It's just that she can't listen to the patient, order tests, diagnose, and write prescriptions in the short window of time she has.

The advice my mom always gives to friends is to treat your appointment more like que. If you have a 2pm appointment, it does not mean you get seen at 2pm. It just means you get seen before the person with the 2:30pm appointment. If you have other important things to do, just plan to not do them on the same day. It's unfortunate, but that's just how it is.

Since the majority of the discussion is not coursed on etiquette, thread closed.


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