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BG: My coworker/friend (let's call her Nancy) is part of religious denomination that requires women to have a chaperone when they go out on a date.  The gender of the chaperone does not matter.  Nancy moved to my city about 6 months ago and does not have relatives nearby.  Also, members of her church are unavailable to chaperone her date (don't know the reasons).  So, Nancy asked me to be her chaperone and offered to pay for my meal.  Since no one else was available, I agreed to go because she was panicking about cancelling the date.  It's the first one.  However, I have no idea what a date chaperone is supposed to do.

Do I sit there quietly or engage Nancy and her date in conversation?  Is there anything I'm specifically supposed to do as a chaperone besides making sure the date does not get to scrabble level or something like that?  Any advice or experiences would be appreciated. 

Could you look it up online using her religion as part of the search terms like "chaperone duties [religion name]?

I would see if there is any way you can ask a clergy member or somebody who has been a chaperone before.  I would guess that you are there to keep it far below scrabble level. I don't know if you could read while they converse or if that would be rude. 

I think the best way to handle this would be to ask your friend what is expected, and what the usual chaperone duties are, and if you should bring a book/craft project or something.

I would ask Nancy what she expects, specially how much social interaction.


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