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Miley Cyrus encourages takeover of magazine stands

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Miley Cyrus encourages a Cosmo takeover

Thoughts? As someone who has worked in retail, I think this is pretty rude and obnoxious on Miley's part. I would be ticked if I were one of the employees who had to clean this up. I realize that one of her tweets features an employee who was moving the magazines around herself, so obviously not all retail workers have a problem with this. But a large number of them do, if the tweets about fans being asked to leave are any indication.

Yeah that's pretty obnoxious.

(And so is that cover with her quote "I've never faked anything" over her posing and faking cleavage by clearly squishing her boobs together with her pose.)

Agreed obnoxious and inconsiderate of the person who has move all those magazines back.

Anything justified by "people are such squares" is likely to be rude.

To me it highlights her lack of knowledge of the real world and how this impacts employees and the staff.

I had never had an opinion about her one way or another.  But this action and her use of the B* word to reference her fans makes me really dislike the young woman.

I hope Cosmo has enough class left to request she stop this action as it poorly represents their magazine.


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