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--- Quote from: nuit93 on February 04, 2013, 01:00:03 PM ---She doesn't know about the non-monogamy part.  As far as she can tell we're a monogamous couple living together w/o benefit of marriage, which is really fairly common nowadays.  We have other relatives who have done this also so it's not completely unfamiliar to her.

--- End quote ---

But this is not the case.  I would imagine if you were honest with your mother about your choices, she might actually grasp why you are not getting married to your LIB, though she probably would have some questions and concerns about your choices.  I generally believe that if I have to hide choices I have made from people I am close to in my life, either I need to change the choices or stay away from the people I am hiding them from. Is there a reason you are not honest with your mother about your choices?  I am not saying you have to be; I am saying you can't be close to someone and also hide such a big part of yourself without consequences.


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