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A divorce etiquette question

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Our Christmas gather last year included my uncle, his wife, his ex, my brother, and my brother's ex girlfriend.  We just don't let people out of our family that easily ;-).   Obviously, everyone gets along well, and the ex-girlfriend might have been unusual (it was a relatively recent breakup ) but she doesn't have other family on this continent, and we've known her so long ( almost 10 years )  that we all hated to have her spend her holidays alone.  My brother was fine with this, as he has been encouraging us to keep in touch with her.

My uncle and his ex have been divorced and co-parenting for about 20 years now so that was smooth and easy.   My brother and his ex were occasionally awkward - he's been dating a bit, he avoided talking about it - but overall everyone had a good time.

So my inclination is to invite both, and let them work out if and how they want to arrange things. 



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