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Irresponsible coworker

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--- Quote from: jedikaiti on February 06, 2013, 12:59:47 AM ---Then you need to go over her head.

--- End quote ---

This.  Keep escalating the issue until it gets dealt with.

Also I think in your meeting with the boss you should bring up the financial ramifications of you not being able to do your job properly.  I think she'd get it when her budget is affected

1. Document
2. Stop covering for him
3. Make it clear what the impact of him not doing his job is to the people affected

First you tried:

Hey boss, lazypants isn't doing X in a timely manner.

and Boss said: Hey lazypants, do X.

That didn't work.

Document when you asked for X and how long

Now you need to say:
"Boss, we need to find a way for lazypants to do X by 9:30 every day. I have had to wait until 3:00 for him to do it and I cannot start my work until it is done.  I have been staying 2 hours  late to complete my work as if I don't do my work, it would have resulted in the loss of a week's worth of work that other people had done leading up to my part of the project. It would also results in a loss of several thousand dollars worth of materials.
Obviously this is unacceptable for that to happen.  However, it is also unacceptable for me to have to work late every week because lazypants isn't getting X done. Clearl Task X is a bottleneck in the process.  Perhaps  Task X could be scheduled for first thing in the morning and for Lazypants could  email to you and Il when it is done. Another is for someone else to also be licensed for task X.    But I need you to work with him or someone else  to get task X done within an hour of it being requested  because he isn't listening to me and I am not sure he is getting how important this is to the department.

You need to make the boss care.  So figure out what the boss cares about - clearly not deadlines or your frustrations,  but how about budget?  Or customer satisfaction/ranking? Her own reputation as a manager?  Figure out what the boss cares about and then impress upon her how that is being negatively affected.


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