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Proofreader, Only Not Really (Small update P.25)

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OP, I would suggest taking her emotions totally out of it.  Cultivate a 'so what' attitude.  She's going to be cold?  So what?  She's sensitive?  So what?  Why should her emotions control you?  Your emotions don't seem to be of concern to her.

I would find a single phrase, like Twik's, and stick to it.

"Your story, your plot, your ideas."

Hey CrochetFanatic, any update?

Not really an update, but she hasn't mentioned it since the last time I told her that if she had something written I'd proofread it.  She might be busy, or she might have lost interest in the story.  Either way, we haven't been talking as much.  :-\ No falling-out or anything, though.


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