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Paying to attend retirement parties - is this a trend?

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If the fellow employees are organizing the lunch/dinner, then it is only natural that people pay for themselves.

This sounds like something where the whole workplace just kind of "knows" that's the way their parties are (probably for legal/ethical reasons as mentioned above), but it becomes a culture clash when they invite someone who doesn't work there.


I'd vote for totally normal for a government agency.

Quite often, government funded agencies don't have any money to fund parties like this, and the managers/supervisors can't afford to take everyone out (and likely can't write it off the way a private business owner could). They may also be barred from holding events during work, or not allowed to serve alcohol on the premises.

As far as potluck vs going out, $10 is pretty cheap for a pay your own way event. I'd prefer that to having to lug a potluck dish to work on the bus, jamming it into the fridge with everyone else's potluck contribution, finding some way to heat it up after work, and then having to stay after the party to wash dishes and clean up the tea room for the next day.  And if I buy my contribution rather than making it, I'll likely be out more than $10.

It wouldn't bother me, given the circumstances described.

I don't see this as a trend in the business world. I've been to many retirement parties, and worked at places that gave them, and in every instance I've been aware of, the companies picked up the tab.

If an employer is prohibited from spending money on this type of party, I think it's appropriate for the party to be funded by those attending.


--- Quote from: WillyNilly on February 06, 2013, 09:50:12 AM ---For many people, giving $10 much easier then bringing a dish to be shared, and more pleasant. it might have been voted on (I know any job I've ever worked or volunteered at "pay $10' would have won out over "bring a dish" if it was a vote).

--- End quote ---

Heck yes. You're getting off cheaper as well, I suspect.


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