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Etiquette of being sick at work

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Thanks, guys - I actually took Friday off I was so exhausted by the whole thing.

It went better than I'd hoped - and thanks to a few jokes about Typhoid Mary, no one got too close to me and I was able to sit and work without fearing I'd pass something along. Productive day all around.

Hand sanitizer will do nothing for a virus, but the new anti-viral tissues are supposed to help.

My rule of thumb is if I have a fever, I don't go to work or class. If I don't and it is typical allergy symptoms, I do and try to isolate myself as much as possible.

If I had to go to work or class when I was sick, I'd go home early as I didn't have the strength to make it rough the day. If you're still feeling bad tis could be an option.

I'd much rather a colleague staying home than coming in and doing their best to infect the rest of. Good to see you are trying to minimise infection!


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