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I’ve had the same cell phone number for over 3 years (I changed carriers and had to get a new phone and number a few years ago).  I know numbers are recycled, and periodically I’ve gotton a call or vm msg for (I’ll call her) Mona Smith.

I always saw “Wrong number, no one here by that name” and terminate the call.  Sometimes I’ll say “Wrong number, please remove this number from your records”.  Sometimes a pushy collector or whoever will say “Do you know Mona?” or “Could you take a message?”  (What?!)  :o  If they ask my name, i just don't answer, say "Wrong number" and hang up.

This morning I got a text - "Mona, urgent that you call (number)".  I deleted it.

I find this annoying.  I know these people are doing a job but once I tell them they have the wrong number, please don’t call again I feel I should be finished with it and they deserve to be hung up on. 

I have had the same business number for 3.5 years. We regularly get calls for two different businesses. It's not constant, but it's regular. Maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Since the calls are always local, I'm really friendly and try to be helpful (not that I'd be rude if they weren't local - but I am trying to run a business so being nice to the locals certainly won't hurt me).

There was also a misprint using our number for an important community meeting in the next town over and we got so many calls in one day I maintained a polite phone voice but had to direct them to call the local newspaper for the correct information. In other words, I was less helpful but still maintained friendliness.

I'm assuming the calls and text came from the same number? I don't think there's anything wrong with how you're handling it, but maybe if you took a few more seconds to explain that Mona Smith no longer has this number before disconnecting, that might help.

Oceanus, I know how irritating this is -- we all do.  But please don't hang up on people who are just making an honest mistake.  It only takes a few seconds more to be minimally polite and keep both your day and the caller's pleasant.  My aunt even ends by saying, "It was nice talking with you!" which gives the embarrassed misdialer a laugh.

In order to avoid repeat wrong number calls, I always say, "There's no one here by that name; what number did you dial, please?"  Usually they respond with a number one digit off, and I can simply say, "Oh, looks like you misdialed.  Try again!"  If they have the right number, I just say, "Well, that's what you got, but there's no one here by that name.  Good luck finding her."  (Thinking of my aunt, I sometimes even say, "Tell Mona I said hi.")  That way they don't just dial me back again.

It sounds like in your case that Mona once had your number (second situation).  And she still gets a lot of calls on it.  As I said, I know that that can be irritating -- it seems the calls always come when I'm up to my wrists in a messy cooking project.  But if I'm honest with myself, I have to admit that the cumulative time I've spent dealing with them in my whole life is probably just a few minutes, and although I think it will make me feel better to let my indignation show, it never does -- I feel better if I'm polite.

Think of it from the caller's point of view.  They have no idea that they have the wrong number and are bothering you.  None of us wants to be punished every time we make a mistake.  That's a real person with feelings you are hanging up on.  I don't even hang up on unwanted solicitation calls to the right number, I just say "Sorry, we aren't interested," say goodbye, and end the call.  Two extra seconds.  No need to be mean to some poor person working the best job they could find.  So much more so for someone who innocently dialed a wrong number.

By the way, I think that this goes for the caller, too.  I think it is so rude when I get a wrong number and say nicely, "I'm sorry, there's no one here by that name," and just hear a click as the person hangs up.  I'm sure they're embarrassed, but they can't be THAT embarrassed, and they did just inconvenience me.  In just five seconds,

"Oh, I'm sorry."
"That's all right.  Goodbye."

leaves everyone feeling better.


--- Quote ---I'm assuming the calls and text came from the same number?
--- End quote ---

No, the calls come from various numbers.  Some toll free, some not, but never local numbers.  And, as I said sometimes I do say "Mona Smith no longer has this number, please change your records."  That sometimes results in a "Do you know her new number"? 

If it's a collector, they likely know that someone has called that number before, and been told it's wrong. But it's the only link to Mona they have, and they're cynical enough to believe oceanus is lying about knowing her. And, if Mona has collectors after her, she well may be using a fake number to throw people off her track.


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