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I don't text. Really, I don't.

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--- Quote from: Aeris on February 11, 2013, 06:38:19 PM ---I'll be honest, I'm getting confused reading this thread trying to sort when and in what circumstances it's ok to text you and when it isn't. I have to wonder if your friends are experiencing the same basic confusion. It may seem perfectly clear to you, but honestly, the intricacies are a little much for someone else to track.

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I think it boils down (please correct me or clarify, Knitterly, if I am wrong): when you know I am home (and you pretty much know my schedule), don't text me because I don't check it.  There are better ways to get ahold of me when I'm home, so please use those.  You can text me when you know I'm out and about, but please don't if it isn't urgent.

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Yes, this says pretty clearly that at least one poster expects the OP's friends to remember her schedule. I do think that's well-past above and beyond for anyone I'm not sharing a household with.

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I have issues keeping up with my own, much less my friends' schedules...

Thread closed because the discussion is going in circles.


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