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I don't text. Really, I don't.

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Tabby Uprising:
Yeah, one of the reasons I finally felt compelled to join Facebook was because everyone in my social circle started using it for invitations, big news, etc.  Fortunately that's a free service, but I understand what you're going through being out of the tech loop.  It's not ideal, but I think you are going to have to find some way to adapt since everyone around you is relying upon texts for communication.  Surianne had some good suggestions, maybe those will help!

One more thing, in your post you state "I don't use my phone at home".  Could you try being more explicit and tell your friends "I do not text at all.  Please email."  Or have you said that as well?  Saying you don't use your phone at home doesn't emphasize the texting issue you have.

Personally, I think your friends are pretty rude.  I'm like you.  My cell phone is so people can contact me at work, and in case I wreck the car so I can call for help.  I can text, but rarely do, because I have a pretty old phone and it's a pain in the neck.  Once I'm home, the phone stays on vibrate from being at work and is in my purse.

My friends all know I don't check my cell - I have a landline.  So yes, they'll text me, orcall my cell and leave a voicemail, but if they haven't heard after a bit, they call the landline.  My boss does the same thing if I'm at home and he needs me.  It's really not that hard.  I don't have a problem telling people not to call my cell - I won't call them back because I won't check it until I get to work the next morning.

Outdoor Girl:
If everybody has Smart phones of some sort, it would be no less work for them to send you an email than it would be to send you a text.

Send out an email:  'Guys, I do not have a texting plan on my phone.  If you need to reach me, please send an email to this address.  Otherwise, I may not get the message until too late.'

I have a work cell only.  Only a select few people have that number.  But most of my friends aren't on the smart phone bandwagon, either, so it works out OK.  Although one friend does want me to get a Facebook account.  I shudder everytime I think about it.  I waste spend enough time on eHell.  I don't need another time suck.

I agree with a previous poster that this is really one you.   It sounds like your friends are still including you... just not using the means of communication that you prefer.   I don't think you are going to change them.  In fact, if you are insistent that they remember to use your preferences, rather than the method that most of the social circle uses, they may forget you entirely.   

I think the best course of action is to make it a habit to check your texts once every 24 hours.  If you receive something that requires a response, feel free to use another means of communication.   


--- Quote from: Outdoor Girl on February 06, 2013, 01:55:08 PM ---If everybody has Smart phones of some sort, it would be no less work for them to send you an email than it would be to send you a text.

--- End quote ---

Unless they're sending group texts, ie, one message to multiple numbers at the same time, in which case it would be twice as much work to then send an email aswell.


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