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The useless room

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I need help.  Our house is very small.  We do not have a garage, just a carport with an attached shed.  The shed houses our washer and dryer.

There is a side door in the carport that we use to enter the house.  There is also and back door and a front door to the house.

When you enter the side door you are in a room, that most likely was a one car garage at one time.  It is one step lower than the floors in the rest of the house.  There is no other door, just a large framed opening and you step up into the living/dining area.

In the room now is a very large desk, a cedar chest and a small chest(bachelor chest)  And lots of junk. 

Up until about 6 months ago, we used it as a computer room.  However, we no longer have a desk top and no plans to replace it.

So, I need ideas to make the room useful.  It will be used as a entry way.  We are in the south so no need for a coat or boot rack.

Please help!  It is wasted space.  I have 3 walls and one window to work with.

Can you put up shelving and use it for storage?

Is there a space you are missing in your house? A library? A reading room? A place for a quiet morning cup of coffee? Home office? Craft/hobby room? Workshop? Space for the teenagers to hang out? Storage, as siamesecat mentioned?

What I'd do is look at everything you'd like to do in your home and figure out which activities would go best in your new-found space. Then figure out how to support those activities in that space--furniture, lighting, storage/shelving, soundproofing, etc. You could always close off the opening to the living room with sliding doors, or curtains, or, if you want to spend money, by building a new wall with a standard-size doorway.

Ideally what I would like to do,  put up a wall with a door and close off the door to the outside.  BUT, then I would have to go out the backdoor, onto the screened porch and out that door into the carport shed to do laundry. I can see myself hating that real quick. 

I would close off the door to make it a new bedroom for DS, and use his minature room for storage.

Black Delphinium:
Sounds like a great place for a chest freezer, if you care to have one.


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