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That thread where the OP doesn't text and misses out because her friends to made me think... Say one person prefers communicating by e-mail while the other would rather use the phone.  Pr phone calls/texts.  Those preferences take priority when you need to get in touch?

I'll go into detail if requested, but I don't want this to turn into a debate over which method is best.

In general I think whomever is sending the outgoing message chooses which method they prefer (assuming everyone has access to the methods being used).  If someone who prefers the phone wants to get in touch with me, they can call, even though I prefer texts.  If I want to get in touch with someone who prefers Facebook, I can text since that's my preferred method.

Of course if its important or the initial method is being ignored, then the person sending the outgoing method needs to adjust, just to make sure their message is being received. For example I prefer texting, but my mom only checks her cell once or twice a day, so if I want to get in touch with her right away, I call, because I know she's more likely to answer promptly.

I think some of it depends on what access each person has to the medium, i.e. not having a smart phone for easier email access, or the other person wants to use my land line and I'm never home.  Is that the kind of thing you mean?  Any way, I'd try to work around a friend's preferences.  I personally hate talking on the phone and prefer text / email / chat, but I'll work around it depending on the context with the other person.

My theory is that if it's an emergency, the phone will ring.  Otherwise, I try to check my phone for texts and emails a few times per day.  I don't like it, but it's how the world works now.

Tea Drinker:
With people I'm close to, it seems to be some combination of how strong the preferences are, and the reasons for them. I would prefer to talk to my mother by phone more often--but her hearing loss doesn't fit well with telephones, so we mostly use IM, and save spoken conversation for when we're in the same place (her hearing aid works better face-to-face, and she can lip-read a bit), or once in a while I pick up the phone and dial because I just miss hearing her voice.

And once in a while I wind up telling people that I don't much like Facebook (every time I think I know what I'm doing, they change the interface, and it seems to require me to check in all the time to avoid missing the information I actually want). I can't force them to email me, and I don't try; I do explain that I probably won't see their latest baby pictures, and that if they need to reach me specifically, any of a phone call, text, email, IM, or actual paper mail is much more likely to succeed.


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