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How to politely discourage being called "Kiddo" in the workplace?

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I am a Realtor and this past week I've been called "Love", "Sweetie", "Kiddo", etc. by two separate agents (one female, one male if it matters) while negotiating different deals.

It may be a generational thing but I still feel it is unprofessional and smacks of condescension. What would be a polite response to this?

gramma dishes:
I think I'd just say quietly, but firmly, "Oh, did you forget my name?  It's Oopsie!" *big smile*

But what I'd be tempted to do would be to answer with "Oh.  Sure Gramps!"   >:D 

(Of course, I wouldn't really do that, but thinking it might help me smile more naturally when I was reminding them of my name.)  ;D

"It's "oopsie" actually."

"Did you just call me 'kiddo'?  Does that mean lunch is on you gramps?" Say it with a big smile but then change your face to deadpan.

Ok that only works with some people, but if you have that kind of relationship, it can be very effective.
Otherwise just use a firm tone and say "its oopsie, thanks" and then back to business.

"No problem at all Old Man...."

I am quite young for my role and get 'Girl' or sometimes 'Chick' as in, 'Go see the office girl/chick'.

I just look them dead in the eye, smile a little bit and say something along the lines of. 'Please don't call me that. My name is AviMin, but you can call me Avi. Now, what did you need?'

I usually only have to do it once or twice, and they tend to blush and stutter and appologise.


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