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How to politely discourage being called "Kiddo" in the workplace?

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I get this quite a lot being the only girl on the drill crew/engineering team.  I just start calling the other guys fluffy buns.  Problem resolves itself fairly quickly.

Part of the problem is that I am a LOT older than I look.  I'm almost 40 but people think I'm still in my 20s.  Maybe that's part of your problem too?  If so, take it as a compliment... a really annoying compliment.

I went through this working at the airlines 25+ years ago. There never was a good response. Whatever I said always strained the relationship. I think the worst female offender did it just to irritate me and/or she was jealous of my age but of course I'll never know.

Tea Drinker:
If asking them to call you by name doesn't work, how about calling them whatever they have just called you? E.g., if someone says "Hey, kiddo, did you finish that memo?" answer with "Yes, kiddo, here it is" or "No, kiddo, I'm still working on it."

If you're lucky, they'll get the hint and stop. If they instead splutter something like "How dare you call me kiddo?!" that gives you the opportunity to say that you assumed they meant "kiddo" as a compliment, and wanted them to know that you admire their youthful energy too.

My theory here is that it's hard for someone to complain to third parties about you doing the exact same thing they have just done to you, without looking unreasonable.

Being called kiddo would make me feel like I was in a 1940's newspaper flick.

"No problem, Pops!"


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