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Primal Diet

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Has anyone here tried this?  :D I just wanted to share because it's working so well for me! I've put off 70 pounds so far, although I still have a long way to go, heh. For anyone who wants to know, the Primal diet works like this...

Stuff you don't eat:

No wheat EVER
No grains in general
No corn or HFCS - fresh sweet corn in the summer when it's in season might be an exception.
No beans
No sugar - honey is acceptable in small amounts
Dairy is OK if you tolerate it, but not necessarily encouraged
Sweet potatoes are okay, regular potatoes less so
No brown rice. White rice is okayish if you want starch for some reason.

Stuff you do eat:

Veggies! Lots! All kinds! :)
Meat! I try to get quite a bit of seafood and organ meats.
Fruits - don't eat too many though
Nuts - Need to be eaten in moderation
Chocolate - as dark as you can find it!
Water!  ;D

Actually, this is more of a lifestyle than a diet, and I'm lovin' it. Has anyone else tried it? I think it's amazing!

I have a co-worker who did it for three months. She did very well in the first two months, then became ill and had to stop.

I hope it continues to work for you.

I'm a convert too. I did the HCG diet and lost 26 pounds then moved over to primal for long term and lost another 34.  Love the style of eating. I've had stomach issues for years and it all cleared up when I didn't add grains or refined sugars back in.

I have a love affair with heavy whipping cream in my coffee, real butter, bacon, nuts and eating spoonfuls of coconut oil. Yep, I use all of that and the weight melted off. I did experience some scary hair loss but the doctor said that it was more a side effect of losing 60 pounds. She was right it came back in just as thick.

DH and I went Primal in Sept. of '11 and did very well for about a year. I lost 15 pounds of fat (size 10 to 6) and he lost about 25lbs. We never felt better! About 4 months ago he gave up tobacco and fell off the wagon. The added stress of trying not to replace tobacco with junk food made it harder for him to quit so we decided to jump off the wagon for awhile. He's safely tobacco free now and we're tired of feeling sluggish and yucky so a few weeks ago we started kicking our butts back into shape.

I'm happy to share some of our favorite recipes if you'd like, and I'd love to hear yours. We are primal but not paleo so we definitely "do" dairy. I actually just stocked up on Kerrygold butter because I found a fantastic deal at Costco! Oh, and coffee made with full-fat grass fed cream and real maple syrup instead of non-fat creamer and artificial sweetener? It's heaven.  ;D

Please only do this with either support from a medical professional, or at least some major research.  While this diet can be healthy, its very easy for it to fall short of necessary nutrients, especially if a person is picky about certain vegetables and fruits.


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