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Coworkers with bad body odour

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I agree you need to take this up the chain of command, whether it's HR or his supervisor.  There can be "political" reasons why you'd talk to the supervisor first, so only you know which is best. 

This is about a lot more than body odor.  In fact, that's the least of his transgressions.

Good luck!

OP -

1) Don't ever share your food with him.  (You really went overboard justifying your food choice/quantity and it's not anyone's business).  Just say "I don't share my food.  Excuse me, I'm eating my lunch."
2) Regarding the invasion of your space and offensive odor, talk to HR.

I can't get over this guy trying to use your fork! Who does that? I wouldn't even let a friend use my fork, let alone someone I work with! Hello! It's flu season here! You need to come up with some form of 'no' that you're comfortable saying. "No, I don't share my food" or "No, I only bought enough for myself" or "No, it's flu season and I don't want to spread germs!".  :o
This guy kind of sounds like a jerk so I wouldn't be surprised if you told him about personal space issues and he disregarded it. Even stepped in closer and pushed you as he did about your lunch. You should try tho and just say "Could you back up a bit? I need some space". If he then disregards your request you'll have a concrete example to bring to HR/ his manager.

Wow, this guy's level of rudeness is appalling.

For the food, just say no when he asks if he can have some.  You don't need to give him a reason.

The personal space issue I would continue to pull away from him every time he gets too close.  You can also try "Would you mind backing up?"

The body odor issues are trickier.  You might want to go to his immediate supervisor before going to HR (just about the body odor).  This needs to be done discreetly.

I would eat somewhere else and if he ever calls you fat that would be horrible and you should report it right away to someone! I dont thionk you can tell him he smells though there just isnt a way to do that nicely to a boss or someone you work with at all, LilacRosey


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