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S/O from I don't text--How do you keep your cell phone with you at all times?

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Currently, there's a thread about someone who doesn't use their cell phone a lot and the problems that causes: http://www.etiquettehell.com/smf/index.php?topic=124743.0.

One of the things that's mentioned is that the OP of that thread doesn't carry her cell around with her. I'm like that as well. If my phone isn't charging, it's in my bag. And it is usually turned off.

So, a few months ago, I decided I should join the 21st century and carry the phone with me at all times, and to keep it turned on when I'm not at work. For the next month, I tried. I really tried.

But here's what happened. Note: Cell phones are not allowed at my job, so this all took place at home and out and about. At work, the phone is turned off and never comes out of my bag, per workplace rules.

I turn the phone on and put it in my pocket. Then I sit down. The phone is uncomfortable in my pocket, so I take it out. When at my desk, I put it next to the computer monitor. Otherwise, it is on a table next to my chair, or on the dining table. When I get up to go somewhere, I have forgotten all about the phone and I leave it behind. Hours later, I'll realize I don't have it and I'll have to backtrack to every place I've been to find it.

The phone constantly turns itself on when in my pocket or even just in my bag, thereby draining the battery. So I think I have a fully-charged battery, but it is really just about out of power. It is a 1G phone, so it can connect to the internet, but it is slow and awkward. But it continually attempts to connect, because somehow the phone thinks this is what I am trying to do, when really the phone is just sitting in my pocket or handbag.

After a month of drained battery and constantly having to hunt for the phone, and thinking the phone was in my bag when it wasn't (since the phone is mainly for emergency use, I want to have it when I'm driving around town, but mostly I didn't have it when I wanted to have it), I gave up. It's back to keeping the phone in my bag, unless I'm charging it. And attempting to remember to check it every few days for texts or messages.

The darn thing is a pain in the neck. But I know other people have their phones on them all the time, readily available. How on earth do you do this?

It's in my pants pocket if I'm wearing pants with pockets (I find that it's uncomfortable in my front pants pocket, but not in my back pocket--my favorite old pair of jeans actually has a wear pattern in the shape of a phone on one pocket!). Otherwise I have a small pocket on my purse that I think is designed for just that.


I hate having to have a cellphone and I turn it off when I don't want to be pestered by it.  Very few people have the number.  I hate to text.  I have 9 e-mail addresses, a land line, and a answering machine, use those.

Save for not being allowed to have a phone on one's person at work I'm not sure how it's difficult to keep it with you (you general) at all times.

When I'm at work, it's on my desk. When I'm on the train, it's in my jeans pocket or coat pocket. If I'm at home it's on the table next to me at the end of the couch. Etc.

Mine stays in my pocket or on the charger. I have a Galaxy S3--it's kind of a huge phone, but I'm used to it being in my pocket constantly. Or charging constantly, because the battery life is absurd.


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