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Author Topic: S/O from I don't text--How do you keep your cell phone with you at all times?  (Read 13106 times)

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Currently, there's a thread about someone who doesn't use their cell phone a lot and the problems that causes:

One of the things that's mentioned is that the OP of that thread doesn't carry her cell around with her. I'm like that as well. If my phone isn't charging, it's in my bag. And it is usually turned off.

So, a few months ago, I decided I should join the 21st century and carry the phone with me at all times, and to keep it turned on when I'm not at work. For the next month, I tried. I really tried.

But here's what happened. Note: Cell phones are not allowed at my job, so this all took place at home and out and about. At work, the phone is turned off and never comes out of my bag, per workplace rules.

I turn the phone on and put it in my pocket. Then I sit down. The phone is uncomfortable in my pocket, so I take it out. When at my desk, I put it next to the computer monitor. Otherwise, it is on a table next to my chair, or on the dining table. When I get up to go somewhere, I have forgotten all about the phone and I leave it behind. Hours later, I'll realize I don't have it and I'll have to backtrack to every place I've been to find it.

The phone constantly turns itself on when in my pocket or even just in my bag, thereby draining the battery. So I think I have a fully-charged battery, but it is really just about out of power. It is a 1G phone, so it can connect to the internet, but it is slow and awkward. But it continually attempts to connect, because somehow the phone thinks this is what I am trying to do, when really the phone is just sitting in my pocket or handbag.

After a month of drained battery and constantly having to hunt for the phone, and thinking the phone was in my bag when it wasn't (since the phone is mainly for emergency use, I want to have it when I'm driving around town, but mostly I didn't have it when I wanted to have it), I gave up. It's back to keeping the phone in my bag, unless I'm charging it. And attempting to remember to check it every few days for texts or messages.

The darn thing is a pain in the neck. But I know other people have their phones on them all the time, readily available. How on earth do you do this?
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It's in my pants pocket if I'm wearing pants with pockets (I find that it's uncomfortable in my front pants pocket, but not in my back pocket--my favorite old pair of jeans actually has a wear pattern in the shape of a phone on one pocket!). Otherwise I have a small pocket on my purse that I think is designed for just that.


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I hate having to have a cellphone and I turn it off when I don't want to be pestered by it.  Very few people have the number.  I hate to text.  I have 9 e-mail addresses, a land line, and a answering machine, use those.


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Save for not being allowed to have a phone on one's person at work I'm not sure how it's difficult to keep it with you (you general) at all times.

When I'm at work, it's on my desk. When I'm on the train, it's in my jeans pocket or coat pocket. If I'm at home it's on the table next to me at the end of the couch. Etc.


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Mine stays in my pocket or on the charger. I have a Galaxy S3--it's kind of a huge phone, but I'm used to it being in my pocket constantly. Or charging constantly, because the battery life is absurd.
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Well I wear fleece sweaters around the house during this season and I try to keep my phone in my pocket, though I sometimes take it out and forget it in the kitchen when I go to my study, or the other way round.

Whatever I do, I just have to be careful that I don't leave it on a table or chair where the dog could reach it while I'm out of the room, because she tried to eat it one time!! I spotted her /just/ in time!  :o

When I go out for a small errand (on foot, in the neighbourhood) I leave it at home, because I wouldn't be answering it on the street or in a shop anyway. When I drive somewhere by car I take it in my purse. I usually ignore it while I'm driving or when I'm in a shop. I even often turn it off while I'm out of the house, I just take it with me to be able to call in case of emergency (car breakdown or so).


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I'm not really sure what to tell you. I keep my phone with me by always having it on me.  At work, it sits on my desk. At home, it's either on counter close to me or in a pocket. When I'm out and about, it's in an external pocket of my purse where it's easy to hear and grab. At night, it sits on the charger on my nightstand.
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I have a holster that holds the "Lifeproof" case that I have my phone on. I wear it on my belt.
I don't feel too geeky because my DH has like 3 items on his belt (work phone, personal phone, insulin pump).
Bonus is that my case is waterproof!


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I'm fairly accustomed to having another (more controversial) bulky accessory on my person most of the time, so carrying my phone just doesn't register for me anymore.  It's just there.  It's usually in my right hand back pocket, though it's an iPhone.  It's pretty big, so sometimes it's in my purse or, as it is currently, on the couch next to where I'm sitting.  I also treat it like my car keys.  In the "old" days, I just made sure I had my keys and purse with me.  Now I add my phone to that checklist.
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I don't have my phone on me at all times, its just always close enough for me to hear it ring.   I consider "near enough to hear and get to promptly" the same as "on me".

Step one - turn up the ringer.

Then I leave it in my purse.  If its a big purse, like my work purse, its in an outside pocket.  If its a small cocktail purse, its just in there.  I can be 20 feet away and I'll still hear it ring or chirp (text sound).

At home, I have my charger plugged in in the living room, which is central to the kitchen and the sofa, so again, I might be over in the next room making dinner or whatnot, or at the other end of the living room tending to my plants, but I can still hear it.  I guess it helps that I live in an apartment, so its all one floor.


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When I'm at home, I don't keep it on my person at all times unless I'm expecting a call.   I usually keep it on the counter or table at home so I can hear it ring and go about my business.  It's my alarm clock, so it's on my side table at night.  When I wake up, I immediately go drop it in my purse so I have it when I leave for work.  We can have them at work so I just keep it on my desk or in my pocket if I go out.

Your phone trying to connect to the internet when you aren't pressing any buttons confuses me.  Do you mean you accidentally bump it and activate the internet function?  If that's the case, does your phone lock?  I have a bar style phone and I have to lock it when I'm not using it or I'm butt-dialing everyone.  And also hooking up to the internet without intending to (I wish I could just take that darn button off the phone altogether.)


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Having my phone with me at all times was difficult for me to get used to. After a dozen lost cell phones, I am now completely in the habit of having my phone on me at all times.

At work, I put it in my drawer. On the bus, I keep it in my pocket or in my bag. At home, I put it right next to me wherever I am. If I am going to get up and go somewhere, I take it with me. Even if I am just going to go a few feet to lay down on the couch. I hate getting comfortable somewhere, have my phone ring and realize that its just out of my reach.

I keep a charger in my bedroom, in my bag, at work and by my computer. I charge it whenever I can so that I don't ever have to worry about it dying.


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I'm not really sure what to tell you. I keep my phone with me by always having it on me.  At work, it sits on my desk. At home, it's either on counter close to me or in a pocket. When I'm out and about, it's in an external pocket of my purse where it's easy to hear and grab. At night, it sits on the charger on my nightstand.

Ha, I'm the exact same way. Sometimes I tuck my phone in my bra at home, if I'm wearing a shelf-type one.

OP, it might be more helpful if you have designated spots for your phone—I do that with my glasses. I was constantly finding myself needing them at random times but I hate wearing them at home, so I have a spot in each room where they "belong," and when I go from one room to another I forced myself into the habit of taking my glasses with me.

Also, do you lock your phone? You can usually edit your phone settings as well to force it to *not* connect with the internet until you choose to. Check where the power button is on the phone, and make sure you're not putting it in your bag in such a way that it will push the button (if I put my phone in my purse upside-down, it will turn itself on and off, which is mighty annoying).
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I don't carry a purse so keeping my cell phone on me at all times can be very tricky if I'm not wearing pants, skirt, or dress with a pocket -- which doesn't happen all that often.

I have been known to tuck my phone into the strap of my bra--where it makes an odd looking lump, but whatever works.

My biggest complaint regarding cell phones is that many people think that because you own one, you must keep it with you at all times, and even answer it at all times, no matter where you are or what you're doing.  My Dad, is especially infuriating about this.  If I don't answer my phone, he will leave some cryptic message with a not-so-cryptic complaint about how I "never answer my phone".  People forget that the phone, any phone, exists for convenience sake only and we are not answerable to the bell like a cow at milking time.  I'm also sick of people saying "but we texted you!" when I have repeatedly told people that my phone does not receive texts or pictures or that I cannot surf the internet on my phone.

Unless you are willing to pay the price increase for a phone that includes all that, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way and contact me and/or leave a voice-mail message.  If you cannot be bothered to do so, then please don't complain when I don't show up to the family barbecue or help out volunteering at the women's club yard sale.  I've come to terms with the fact that I can and will miss out on things because I don't do texting and I don't check the internet from home.  I find it aggravating though that others expect me to capitulate to their way of doing things or complain when I do not.

I'm also very concerned about this when it comes to seniors and low-income families.  There is a huge gap and it is widening every day with those two groups who many times cannot afford this kind of technology and they are being left out--both socially and in other areas because almost everything requires use of the internet now.  In our City, if you want to schedule a bulk pick-up, the only way to do it is online.  My Mother is always annoyed by this because she does not own a computer.  And there are many people who cannot afford them or the monthly internet providers.


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It's just second nature to me to have my iPhone with me at nearly all times. I don't even think about it. It's like how I always have a million tissues and lipbalms in my pockets, purses, up my sleeve, etc. When I'm at home I keep it on my bedside cabinet or on a table, I don't carry it around. Sometimes I put it in my boot if I'm not wearing something with pockets.