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University Related - Is this reasonable to ask?

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--- Quote from: Roodabega on February 07, 2013, 02:13:44 PM ---For any education professionals out there, would it be reasonable for us to talk to the first university and see if some accommodation can be made regarding grades for the "bad" semester?  No matter how well our child does with the rest of their degree, that one semester is going to be a major drag on their final GPA.
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I don't think its reasonable for you as a parent to talk to the school.  Your child is an adult.  They should do the talking.

The topic, OTOH, I think is reasonable.


--- Quote from: LadyL on February 07, 2013, 02:37:17 PM ---POD. In my experience, employers and even grad school don't care about GPA as much as you'd think.

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YMMV.  DH graduated from college in 1982.  About 5 years ago he was applying for a job.  The company wouldn't even consider anyone who didn't have a minimum 3.85 GPA.  Even if you had been employed in the industry for over 20 years.  Even if you had DESIGNED some of the products that this company was contracted to work on.  (DH had actually written the firmware for these products while working at the original company, but since his GPA was 3.80, they would not hire him.  ::) )

If there is any way that they can get the bad classes dropped from their transcripts, do it.

In my experience at several different universities (as both a student and a faculty member), though, transfer credits are recorded on a transcript as just that--credit, no grade. So if his degree comes from New School, the Old School GPA won't come into play.

I mean, check that, of course. Most online student systems (even if it's a physical campus, students have a site where they go online to register for classes) have an "unofficial transcript" option. Check that, and see how his Old School classes are showing up. If they're just listed as credits, or even "P," you really have nothing to worry about.

I graduated with a 3.85, in the top third of my class - and no one has ever asked about it.  DH graduated in the top 90% of our class (i.e. just barely passed) and nobody has ever asked him either.  I think once you're a few years out of college, the grades don't matter as much as whether you learned the material important to your job.

It depends. You can ask, but it would depend on the university and is a fairly unusual request to be granted. At my university there are plenty of ways to drop a course before the grades are finalised for medical reasons (and depression counts as a medical reason obviously), but after the grades are given out they are final.

And I agree with the reasoning. Just because your child was sick doesn't mean this didn't happen. The transcripts are a reflection of what the person has attempted academically and sanitizing them after the fact is inaccurate.

Also FWIW, I have always reported my graduating GPA because when I was going to grad school that is what they wanted. I include my full transcripts but the grades I report are from the last two years.


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